Monday, October 7, 2019

Busy Autumn

The highlands art show is currently going on in the Morris County Museum.  I have one picture in the show.  And just last week  The new Caldwell building on Spring Street had its gala opening.  Ralph Porter organized an art show to mark the occasion.    I hung three pictures.  The most appropriate was a plein air work I did a few weeks before.


At the end of October the annual Hilltop Country Day school takes place.  I have a collection of newer and some older pictures entered.   Here are two, one new one old.

This is a view from my backyard off to the left.  Ii is a scene just above the marina.  It has always struck me as a kind of Mediterranean hillside view.  I call it  LOOKING OUT.   I sense that the people living there have a great view of the whole lake and the hills beyond.

The other one is a slightly reworked view of canoers on the Delaware river.  Not up to the great work of Winslow Homer.  But let's say, inspired by!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

July review

It is getting close to the annual Art in Sussex County show at the State Fair in Augusta.  I am reviewing some recent work to choose my entries.  Most recent is a work I did partial Plein air  (Part on site and part in my studio) of the Shoppes at Lafayette Village where we (The Sussex County Art Society) held a "Fabulous Fakes" show in June.

I also did a floral from my wife's garden.  This is a different subject matter from my usual landscapes.  It is a beautiful  Tiger Lily.

I also did a couple of local Barns.  The first was along the Route 94 road, halfway between Newton and Blarestown.  White barn  on white snow.

The second is also on Rt 94 at the corner of Sid Taylor road.  This  old barn in probably in Hampton, but just over the Lafayette border. Hampton/Lafayette barn.

I am always looking out over the lake from my deck or lakefront yard and finding things to paint.
Usually on Sundays the Sunfish race.  This one is Plein air.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Spring Shows

The annual Sussex County Arts and Heritage Skylands show is coming up in May at the studio in Newton.  My entry is a barn in  Hampton township.  I painted this in a more rapid style as if it were a plein air work.  I like the freshness of the application.

The Sussex County Art Society is hosting a "Fabulous Fakes" show in  June 7-9 at the Community/Chapel building at the Shoppes at Lafayette Village.  So far we have some excellent and broad ranging entries.  Copies of Klimpt, Constable, Homer, DeGas and Sargent, among others.

I have two entries.  One is of my favorite Winslow Homer painting,  Canoe in Rapids.  Although he painted it in oil, mine is in watercolor.

My second "fake" is a version of John Singer Sargent's Lago di Garda.  This was an interesting learning experience, incorporating his colors, brushstrokes and Plein air technique.

The Highlands Coalition is having an art show in Morristown in May.  I submitted a version of the Van Kirk house in winter and two others.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Winter in Florida workshop

I had a great time at  the plein air workshop offered by Bradenton/Sarasota artist  Vladislav Yeliseyev.  It was fun and educational to get ideas on techniques and on equipment to apply to outdoor painting.
The first location was at the Palma Sola botanical park where a variety of tropical trees are being nurtured.  We all set about painting a gazebo on the large pond.

The second day we painted at a marina.  I was not totally happy with the result and have omitted it here.  The third day, however, was at a great site for lovers of sea food and aficionados of seascape painting.   We gathered in the area of the Star Fish Company, a working site on Gulf as well as an outdoor restaurant.   I chose to paint the dockside of the adjoining building, focusing on the hanging red markers.

This spring's  Skylands show at the Arts and Heritage gallery in Newton occurs in May and I have one watercolor,  Hampton Barn.  I tried to paint this using some ideas I gleaned from Vlad as well as a study of some John Singer Sargent watercolors.

I am getting more comfortable with Plein air.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Hilltop Show

I was chosen as Featured Artist at the annual Hilltop Country Day School show which ran from Oct. 26 thru Oct 28.  Showed 26 pictures in the main gallery.  Thank you all who attended and especially those who walked away with one of my paintings.  Here are a few pictures from the show.

These "Two Canoes" were a subject I spoke about in my demo on using photographs to create the October SCAS meeting.

This is "Sparta Presbyterian" done as a triptych.

 I call this "Pumpkin Time" taken from the Anderson farm stand on Route 15, Sparta.

The "Van Kirk Oak"  at the Sparta Historical Society site. It is over 230 years old.

"Yellow House"  I painted this the week after the show.  I see this view from my deck across the lake.  Lake Mohawk Marina is on the right.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Plein air

This summer and early fall a few of us at the Sussex County Art Society have been having fun doing plein air sketches.  They are necessarily fast  and sometimes furious, trying to capture a scene quickly.  I have learned how much lighter colors are outdoors than in a photograph in my studio.   The experience of painting outdoors is one of great fun, and always a challenge to use ones skills.  It also reveals the painters unvarnished style.

The SCAS  picnic in June

Founders park at the fairgrounds in Augusta

Memorial park, Lafayette showing the Walkill river as a stream.

An early fall scene  deep inside Stokes state forest.

Another scene, an old barn, from Lafayette memorial park.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Winter Workshop

The Key West Watercolor Society held its annual winter workshop at the Studios at Key West in January.  A great chance to get away from the cold and snow!  Richard Stevens, from Arkansas, led the program that he called "Fast and Loose".  For four days we tried to loosen up.  It was a great workshop and a lot of fun and hard work.   Two of the pictures I sketched out, and reworked at home, are in the 31st Skylands show this spring at the SCA&H gallery on Spring St in Newton.

The first is a local horse barn in Stillwater

A second painting is a street scene on Duval Street--St John's Episcopal Church.
During the cold days of February back in Sparta I used one of Richard's exercises--doing a triptych of one scene to present it from different angles.  I chose one of my favorite restaurants,  Il Porto on the boardwalk here in Lake Mohawk.